The vision for the Zion Foundation was birthed in 1984. After twenty years of working to support Israel through partnership with other organizations, the Zion Foundation was officially established as a registered non-profit organization in 2004.

The vision is to build Jewish-Christian relations and to provide practical ways to be involved in projects in Israel. It is the conviction behind the work, putting action to the words.

In Israel, personnel have established projects providing leadership training, educational development and humanitarian aid.



Zion Foundation Inc is a non-profit organization registered in Australia: ABN 28 276 286 889.



The Zion Foundation is directed by a board of credentialed ministers, businessmen, and advisors who provide accountability and counsel for the work in Israel.



The Zion Foundation works in partnership with sponsoring individuals, businesses, churches, and ministries.

The foundation's work in Israel is endorsed by organizations and ministries that include:

Neighbours Aid

Ms Jesma O'Hara

Liberty for the Nations:

Rev Steve Blake

Teach All Nations: Dr Kameel Majdali
Solutions by Design: Dr Denis Smith
Oz Fam: Dr Ivan Herald

Heritage Israel:

Mr Kelvin Crombie

"It has been our pleasure to support the work in Israel for many years. We have seen commitment to qualitative and compassionate service to the people in the Land of the Bible. Through the Zion Foundation, you can rest assured that any and all support you render will be of eternal value."

- Dr. Kameel and Leanne Majdali, Directors, Teach All Nations Inc.